Ghost Hunting 101

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Saturday May 30

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3:00 PM  –  11:00 PM

Ghost Hunting 101: 

May 30, 2020    6:30pm - 11:30pm


Max participants 6 - $100 each -- Minimum Age 18 


Dead Horse Creek Paranormal professional investigators are offering “Ghost Hunting 101” a basic course in paranormal investigations. The 5-hour class will be held at the March Field Air Museum on May 30th, 2020.

The class includes approximately 2 hours of academics covering locations, protection/precautions, equipment type and use, general tips and data analysis followed by an actual investigation where participants will learn how to set-up and operate equipment while collecting evidence under the oversight of the Dead Horse Creek Paranormal Team. 

Dinner (pizza) will be provided.   

The investigation includes walking on a dark flight line (uneven ground), climbing aircraft stairs and ladders and walking in unlit hangars. Please wear appropriate footwear, no sandals or heels, tennis shoes recommended.

Refunds available, if cancelled at least one week prior to date of event.


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